We belive that ICT strengten the role of patients

Accelerate ehealt adoption

Support innovatiove healthcare ecosystem

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FOUNDATION - eHealth.ed

eHealth.ed is a non-profit organisation focused on #digitalhealth We accelerate #ehealth adoption, patients education and #ehealth knowledge dissemination (.ed)


eHealth.ed is a non-profit organisation focused on digital health. It accelerates eHealth adoption, strenghtens patients education and eHealth knowledge sharing (.ed). eHealth.ed is based in Poland and operates mainly in the European Union. The organisation supports the implementation of eHealth solutions, promotes best digital health practices, connects people and ideas, speeds up the transformation of healthcare in the digital age. Among prority activities are: knowledge transfer, education, connecting different stakeholders (patients, physicians, government representative, healthcare workers), digital health literacy. We are also involved in shaping the structures of polish digital health ecosystem. eHealth.ed cooperates closely with similar organizations in Europe incl. patients organisations. We belive that knowledge is the key to better outcomes in healthcare and digital health is a chance for a patient-centered, sustainable, efficient and coordinated healthcare.